Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to get to Heaven?

Recently I've been asked a question.

When you die and you are at the gate's of Heaven, and God ask you why should I let you in, what would you say?

My answer was rather simple. Because I had faith.

But people prompt me into giving them more explanation on my answer. And it made me wonder if my answer is not good enough? Is there a right answer for this question?

I asked my friends the same question and the answers were..

'Because I believe in God'

'God will never ask such a question'

And to me, all these answers are right. They aren't wrong. I was quite upset with the fact that maybe I do not know what I'm talking about, that I do not know God and the image of God is just an imaginary figure I've made up in my own mind. But I'm quite happy that today, while reading 'Our daily bread', I found my answer.

And I think its a good read to those out there that doubt their faith in God. :)

'While working with third and fourth graders at our church's vacation bible school, I decided to give all 25 of the children a gift on the last day. But I told them that in order to receive it, they would each have to tell me how a person can get to heaven.

It was interesting to hear what 9 and 10 year old said. Many were clear that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ, but some were not yet equipped to explain the gospel. "You have to be good and go to Sunday school," said one. Another asked tentatively, "You have to pray to God?" Still another: "If you are nice to your friends and obey your mom and dad."

As I gently tried to direct the thinking of each child to the central element of salvation - faith in Jesus who died o pay for our sins and then rose again - I thought that these kids represented so many others in our world who don't yet understand the gospel.

How are you? re your ideas about salvation based on biblical truth? Think about the importance of what Jesus did for you. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ: (Act 16:31). There is so much more at stake than getting a free gift for answering a question. - Dave Branon

A matter faith
Jesus paid the penalty for your sins by His death. When you admit you are a sinner and place your faith in Him alone for forgiveness, you will be reconciled to God.

Believing Christ died- That's history
But believing He died for me, that's salvation.

What if God tells you that you will not go to Heaven... Would you still worship him?
I guess the question is, do you seek God? Or do you seek something that will benefits you?
I dont know :/

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