Wednesday, April 11, 2012

//deliver us//

Though now i'm having holidays for a week, I cannot help but feel negatively about myself.
It's frustrating to not know and understand yourself. I always believe that we humans are social beings. That we NEED interaction or else we can really go crazy and die.

But sometimes, I just wish I can just don't give a fly and shut myself away from people. I'm not saying it's me against the world, or stuff like 'why is everyone against me'.

I just feel the more I interact with people, I have higher possibilities of me offending someone or making someone cry, everything negative. It would be such a cruel joke if God made me just so that people can learn to be more patience or whatsoever.

I don't think that anything I say/do can bring happiness into people's matter how hard I try. Social interaction really sucks. :(

Ironic thing for me to say, since i'm blogging and am on FB 24/7.

Sidetrack from emo thoughts, I've love this song so much... I've listen to many versions of it. But im only gonna post two versions from famous artists. Which do you like better? :)

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